Coles Engineering provides a wide selection of steel fabrication, general welding and engineering services. While we do specialize in building steel tanks our expertise is by no means limited. Our extensive knowledge of materials and machinery make us the right company for the job. We are qualified stick, mig and tig welders with the capacity to produce for our clients results both cosmetic and functional. The Coles team enjoys a good challenge and approaches each new project with enthusiasm.

Work can be completed at our workshops at Lowlands or on site; depending on the nature of the job.

The services we supply to our farmers have always produced great satisfaction. Whether it be patching the sheet metal on equipment, repairing aluminum irrigation pipes or building an entirely new piece of equipment we are there. We work with various metals; aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel and will select the welding process most suitable for the job. For the small scale farmer or the commercial farmer if there is a metal need Coles Engineering will fill it.

We are fully equipped to provide our industrial clients with the support required to construct and repair their machinery. We understand the importance of time efficient well functioning machinery to our industrial clients and through our dedication and legacy of providing impressive results have earned a spot as one of the most trusted names in the Caribbean metal industry. Our clients include: Mount Gay Rum, St. Vincent Distillers, Carnival U.K cruise liners and the sugar industry.

Our residential customers have carved us a niche creating and repairing novelty items. We are continually given the opportunity to construct small objects and appliances our team has had no prior requests to provide. Our trained professionals and our years of experience in metal work have served exceedingly well to guide us through to completion. At Coles Engineering we continue to try our best to exceed customer expectations.